Somme Institute 5-Step Regimen

Back in March I was extremely lucky & grateful, winning a Somme Institute 5-Step regimen system from According to Somme Institute all 5 products are intended to work and improve all skin types and most skin conditions, including acne (raises hand) and rosacea. When asked how this system can handle the differences in all  skin types, Somme Institute’s Founder & Lead Researcher, Simon Erani, had this to say.

“Our products work for all skin types because we have highly-engineered vitamins in our products (polypeptides), which know where to go and what to do once they penetrate the skin. They go to the skin cell receptors that need them, which is different for each person. Our products are very different from other skincare products that have vitamin ingredients, though. This is because the oil soluble vitamins like A and E just sit on op of the skin because the molecules are too big. The water soluble vitamins like B and C oxidize and therefore are not effective. We know this because we tracked over 5,000 women using ultra-violet camera that sees 4mm deep inside the skin.”

The first product in the system is the Nourishing Cleanser . This cleanser  lacks any strong detergents so it is non-foaming. It felt like I was applying a serum to my skin, not a bad thing. I massaged the product into my damp skin in circular movements to breakup the day’s oil, dirt, and makeup. After rinsing and drying, my face felt squeaky clean without feeling stripped and irritated.

Second is Transport (step 2), the exfoliating product. What I love love love is that they use a chemical exfoliation. I am not a fan of mechanical exfoliation for a few reasons. They can exacerbate many skin conditions like acne and rosacea. I am also a big believer that scrubs can lead to micro-tears in our skin, which may not be noticeable at first but down the road the skin breakdown causing broken capillaries.  Transport contains pads soaked in Aha’s along with the patented MDT5. I did feel tingling when I first started using this product (I don’t know about you but I love tingling!) which eventually seceded. It did not cause my skin to become overly-dry or sensitive. My skin felt incredibly smooth and I noticed a nice glow.

Next is the line’s Serum (Step 3) which contains Vitamin C along with the MDT5. It does contain a stable form of Vitamin C, ascorbyl methylsilanol pectinate. My problem with antioxidant serums is that many companies include alcohol to help the Vitamin C penetrate the skin better. Good news is that Somme Institute does not rely on alcohol (it is omitted) instead opting to use Diazolidinyl Urea as a product enhancer. Vitamin C can quickly breakdown if stored in direct sunlight so I love that the bottle is opaque.  It’s just hard to tell when you’re running low. This is overall a very high quality Vitamin C serum. It’s not sticky, does not pile under makeup, and does not stick or cause reactions.

Step 4 is A-Bomb (great name!) which is a lightweight moisturizer that contains the MDT5.  When I first glanced at the product in the tub, I thought it looked like a thick, cream. After applying to my skin, I was however delighted to find that it’s not thick at all and applies very light. It dries very quickly without leaving my skin over-moisturized, greasy, or sticky

Step 5 is Double Defense, a lightweight moisturizer containing SPF 30.  I like the sanitary pump of the sunscreen and it does apply light, sinking in quickly as far as sunscreens go. It does contain chemical sunscreen ingredients. With presence of avobenzone, it’s sometimes hard to stabilize a sunscreen without the use of octocrylene. This contains octinoxate which can cause the avobenzone (Parson 1789) to become unstabilized. Is it useless? No but I would have suspected that octocrylene would have been included to make this sunscreen more photostable.

I have been using this kit since April and my breakouts have significantly reduced. My blackheads have eradicated and my skin does not feel as oily. I notice a more even skin tone and when I do break-out, they heal faster without leaving a scar.

Verdict: A



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