Clearing up a Cyst

I personally have felt the wrath of cystic acne. Those painful deep papules that linger beneath the skin causing pain and embarrassment. Besides a cortisone shot at your dermatologists office (my doctor doesn’t even offer same day appts-sigh) I have pieced together some options to help those painful cysts dissipate faster.


1. Smile’s PRID Homeopathic Drawing Salve (





Drawing salve uses ichthammol & arnica as well as other ingredients to help eradicate many different skin ailments-from bee stings to acne. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties making it a great treatment for acne.

I will be honest this stuff is messy and it doesn’t smell very pleasant. Wash the inflamed area, apply the salve then bandage. You can do this 2x a day. It really does help draw out the infection healing painful cysts in a  matter of days instead of weeks.


2.  Ice and Hydrocortisone


As soon as I feel a painful cyst forming, I immediately ice the area to help with inflammation and reduce swelling. It also provides a temporary relief from pain. I then apply hydrocortisone to further help with inflammation. The ice helps to thin the skin allowing the hydrocortisone to penetrate better.


3.  TCA Peel (


Makeup Artist’s Choice is a great and inexpensive way to purchase at-home chemical peels. I always keep a 12.5% TCA peel on hand for the spot treatment of cysts. I apply to the infected area only with a q-tip. Almost immediately the cyst becomes inflated. Please know that TCA will cause the area to scab but I would rather deal with a scab then a painful cysts for a few weeks!