Sebaceous Filaments

I just had a friend come to me seeking skincare advice. She explained that she was plagued with clogged pores but after “googling” was sure they were not blackheads or whiteheads erupted on her delicate nose. Hmmm…..the dreaded sebaceous filament. Sebaceous filaments are most often found on the nose, which produces excess sebum or oil. When the sebum oxidizes, which means exposed to air, the pore is filled and thus becomes a sebaceous filament. These clogged pores contain a “thread-like” substance if squeezed. I do not recommending squeezing since this can lead to scarring and broken capillaries, unless performed by a professional. It’s best to take a gentle approach in reducing sebaceous filaments. Wash with a gentler cleanser twice a day and follow with a toner containing glycolic acid. The glycolic acid will exfoliate dead skin cells while eliminating excess oil. A few to try are DDF 10% Glycolic Toner or Equate (Wal-mart) Rejuvenating Toner.