Cheek Acne

I have been battling breakouts for the past 6 years. Usually my acne is located on my chin and forehead but lately I have been plagued with closed comedones on my cheeks. I knew it was time to figure out the cause (s) since no matter what treatment I used, those pesky bumps remained on my cheeks. I have come to the conclusion that my beautiful assortment of blushes are the enemy in this battle.

The main culprits of cheek breakouts are blushes that contain red dyes, which might be listed as D & C red dyes. These dyes are derived from coal tar, which is highly comedogenic. An organic pigment that can be used in place of red dye is carmine. Carmine is more expensive that red dyes and it does not produce a vivid color pay-off that results from the use of red-dyes.

 Another culprit is the pressing agents used to give the product a cake-type consistency.  Most often, the pressing agent used in blushes are emollients, so we have to be on the look-out for comedogenic emollients. Lanolin is commonly used as an emollient, but in it’s purest form, there is a small chance of it clogging pores. However, when lanolin is chemically altered into lanolic acid, isopropyl lanolate, and acetylated lanolin alcohol, then it is highly comedogenic.  Other comedogenic emollients include these Fatty Alcohols: oleyl alcohol, isostearyl alcohol, and octyldodecanol.  Be on the look out for comedogenic Fatty Acids which provide cosmetics with a creamy consistency.  They include oleic acid, lauric acid, isostearic acid, palmitic acid, and myristic acid. Finally check for Fatty Esters which helps cosmetics feel less oily. The comedogenic esters include isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, octyl palmitate, isopropyl isostearate, decyl oleate, sorbitan oleate, isopropyl lanolate, isopropyl linoleate, butyl stearate, and myristy myristate.

Also check for squalene, which is primarily obtained from shark liver oil. It is used to soften the skin in cosmetics and is highly comedogenic. Olive oil and cocoa butter might seem harmless but they are both also very comedogenic.

After going through my blushes, I discoverd that I own only one that would be safe for my skin. That blush is Physician’s Formula Mineral Glow Pearl Blush. I’m going to try using this blush and see if my cheek breakouts clear up.

I have now discovered that finding a true non-comedogenic blush is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have found some that contain organic carmine and no red dyes but they are loaded with other comedogenic ingredients. It seems that mineral blush might be the best option, but still read the label. Also just because a product is advertised as being “natural” doesn’t mean that it won’t clog pores or cause irritation, so again read the label.

If you have a blush that is free of all pore-clogging ingredients, please contact me.

Babor Mineral Powder Foundation in 01 Light

Babor Mineral Powder Foundation in 01 Light

I am brand new to the Babor line. Prior to joining, I had never heard of Babor products before. I was fortunate enough to receive some samples of Babor products with my previous Bloom orders. I happened to be searching the Bloom site in hopes of finding a new foundation. I have tried so many foundations from drugstore to high-end to organic only to never discover my holy-grail. Could Babor Mineral Powder Foundation be the one?  A little about my skin, I am in my 30’s and suffer with acne-prone skin. Since I’m very fair, I am starting to notice the glorious sun damage from my youth (since my late teens I religiously apply sunscreen).  I do have a lot of red acne scarring as well as melasma from my wonderful three pregnancies (battle scars!). In my earlier 20’s I could use a light dusting of mineral foundation and voila I looked radiant. Since then I have found that mineral foundation has been my foe-always showing up in fine lines and exacerbating dry skin.  I stumbled upon the Babor Mineral Foundation while browsing the Bloom website and what struck me was the fact that it’s 99% minerals. The big mineral brand in the country advertises that it’s all natural and all minerals when in reality it’s not. Babor does not contain any oils, wax, perfume, talc or artificial colors that can irritate skin. What it does contain is Sea fennel and Amino acid complex L-PCA which help protect the skin from the environment. It also contains Vitamin E, which moisturizes and smooths the skin, and Lupines oil that aids in cell regeneration. I need all the cell regeneration I can get!  This foundation only comes in two shades: light and medium. I was a little hesitant at first, seeing that I’m uber-pale but my gut instinct told me to go for it. The light actually blends into my porcelain skin (for reference I am NC20 in MAC). No lines of demarcation and no crazy looking orange face. This powder feels like silk! I applied using my Sephora mineral powder brush and it blended into my skin like they were long lost lovers. My acne scarring is covered as well as the melasma without being cakey or heavy. It’s natural and light and the silk consistency has me constantly touching my face, which will do nothing for my acne.  Even my husband mentioned that my face looked “pretty clear” which followed by “what kind of foundation did you put on? Because it doesn’t look like a mask”. Well if a product can force my husband to comment, then I’m sold for life. Perhaps Babor is my holy grail. You can pick up this foundation at